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My training began in the Studio Arts, and to this day I still enjoy the luxurious messiness of ink and paint, and the feeling of a pencil guided by my hand. Fine Art gave me a visual language, Print and Advertising Design gave me a vocabulary.

Over the years I have expanded my experience to include new technologies, new areas of design, all blended with the same old philosophy of solving a problem for the client.

Logos & Identity

Brand development and communication design are the hallmarks of any good artist. I have helped to shape the tools that many organizations use to build successful relationships.

Print & Publication

Building engaging collateral materials like brochures, flyers, magazines and catalogs are part of what I do. Planning and organizing them into a full-blown campaign is too.


Web design isn’t just about building technology… it is about understanding how to encourage meaningful interactions and user fulfillment. I am dedicated to the goals of Web Standards, Accessibility, and the Semantic web, and try to build sites that can be found and used.

Positions I’ve Held

I’ve worn many hats and had many responsibilities over my career. These highlights represent some of the roles I’ve had in that time.

Freelance Graphic Artist, Illustrator – 20+ years

The life of a Freelance Graphic Artist is always in motion. To fulfill this role, I developed a mobile office and staffed it with the best software and equipment to provide clients with visual communication tools, corporate identity and branding products. Using my skills as a fine-artist, I also develop complex concept, spot, and feature illustrations to help stage and illuminate publications and campaigns. Comfortable with working wherever needed, and often providing the services of a small marketing/art department, I am most definitely for hire.

Creative Director, Project Manager

GPC Inc, GPC-GIS LLC – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The Environmental Atlas of Abu Dhabi was a joint project between GPC and the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi (EAD) whose goal was to produce a full-color, factually accurate, beautifully photographed and illustrated atlas of the Abu Dhabi emirate in both english and arabic languages.

Relying on my experience with publishing and leading creatives, I worked with all the stakeholders to restructure the ailing project to achieve its original goal. With my solid plan in place, I personally hired and developed a team of local creatives, illustrators and graphic artists, to work with scientists, subject matter experts, contributing authors and various stakeholder agencies to develop this project to completion.

This was a project that had experienced many major challenges and setbacks prior to my involvement. My personal satisfaction came from successfully navigating sensitive interactions between the government client and industry stakeholders to lead creative and scientific teams to produce this beautiful record of a breath-taking and little known part of our world.

the environmental atlas of abu dhabi emirate

Creative Director, Prepress Consultant

Wirz & Company Printing, Inc. – Colton, California

As Creative Director, I successfully rebranded the company's identity, communications and sales tools as part of the their strategy to adapt to a rapidly changing industry. I worked with the company's largest and most valued clients to provide premium solutions for their print projects, often traveling to and working from their locations, working independently and maintaining my other responsibilities.

In my role as Prepress Consultant, I designed and implemented a PDF workflow and CTP imaging solution to replace their previous Optical/PostScript process. Later, assisting the department manager in the hiring and training of personnel, developing quality control methods and production schedules, and managing quality control policies.

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Graphic Arts Instructor

California Baptist University – Riverside, California

I taught popular evening courses in the school’s fledgling Graphic Arts program, working with students in a hands-on group setting and in individual sessions.

Companies I’ve Started…

ImageStation – 1991 to 2003

ImageStation was a boutique design studio and prepress imaging service in Riverside California. I was personally responsible for creating project proposals, developing creative directions, managing design and project development, and for developing digital imaging and quality assurance strategies for our printing partners.

Revel Bask – 2010 to Present

I founded Revel Bask as an non-profit resource for aspiring creative professionals to publish their works by forming temporary partnerships with other creatives to leverage the publishing process into a sustainable community effort.


BA, Bachelor of Arts – Studio Arts

California Baptist University, Riverside CA

My Skills


Adobe Photoshop

My experience with Photoshop covers both creative and production uses of the software, and goes back to the days before the Knoll brothers sold it to Adobe. Photo-manipulation, retouching, or editing, I also paint and illustrate with it, creating whatever images are necessary.


Adobe Illustrator

When I first started using this software, it was called Illustrator ‘88. I am deft and knowledgeable about building complex, scalable, image objects with this software… and know when circumstances call for these types of images.


Adobe InDesign

The primary task of a layout application is to assemble type with images and graphics. Since 2002, I have been using inDesign for all manner of layouts, simple and complex – for eDocument creation and for PDF and Prepress assembly.I am quick and efficient at building layouts with this software.

My name is Ernie Simpson, I’m a graphic designer with 20+ years experience as a results-driven, creative visual communicator. I live in the United States but I've worked and continue to work with people all over the world.

who can handle all aspects of creative work from concept and production to final development and publishing. I am looking for stimulating, challenging, rewarding projects that utilize my inspired and energetic visual creativity, and my responsible and experienced know-how to achieve deadlines and goals. I am a positive fit into any team or position, can lead, follow, or be independent and self-driven. I am open to travel and currently available for new projects and work situations.

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ImageStation was a boutique design studio and prepress imaging service in Riverside California. I was personally responsible for creating project proposals, developing creative directions, managing design and project development, and for developing digital imaging and quality assurance strategies for our printing partners.