Ernie Simpson is a Graphic Design Specialist.

My Professional Profile

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My Professional Profile

My name is Ernie Simpson, I’m a freelance graphic designer with 25+ years experience as a visual communicator.  I live in the United States, but I work with people all over the world.

My training began in the field of Studio Arts and to this day I still enjoy the luxurious messiness of making things with my hands. Study of the Fine Arts gave me a visual languagePrint and Advertising Design gave me a vocabulary to put it to work.

Over the years I have expanded my professional experience to include new tools and technologies, new facets of design— all governed by that same original philosophy of solving a problem for the client.

Types of Design projects that I excel at:

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Logo Design

Brand Identity and Communication Design are the hallmarks of any good graphic worker. I have helped to shape the tools that many organizations use to build successful relationships with their target audience.

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Print Design

Building engaging collateral materials like brochures, flyers, magazines and catalogs are part of what I do. Organizing them into full-blown marketing campaigns is too.

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Because I am a classically trained artist, I am able to make my own graphics. From Feature illustrations to Spot images and Infographics, I can provide a full range of creative design experience.

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Web Design

For more than a decade now I have embraced the rapidly evolving technology of Front-end Web Development to build websites that are attractive and functional.

Positions and Responsibilities I’ve Held

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Freelance Graphic Artist and Illustrator Planet Earth, 1989 to present

When I find myself between major projects or other professional committments, I fill the role of graphic specialist for hire.

The life of a Freelancer is always in motion. Sometimes this means traveling and working remotely… often improvising and developing resources and workflows in unfamiliar places. I’ve learned to be resourceful and I’m lucky to be able to pickup and just go. Other times it means integrating into an established creative culture and adapting to that specific environment. In either case, I am capable to deliver solutions and needed materials whether I am part of the team or I am the team.

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Project Manager Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 2009 to 2011

The Environmental Atlas of Abu Dhabi Emirate was part of a joint project between GPC Group (GPC) and the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi (EAD). The project’s main goal was to produce a full-color, fact-filled, beautifully photographed and illustrated, printed atlas of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi— one of the seven emirates that make up the The United Arab Emirates and home of that nation’s capital— in both English and Arabic language versions. The purpose of this Atlas was to introduce the curious visitor to the abundant natural and cultural heritage of the Abu Dhabi emirate.

As the third project manager in two years, the project required some detangling to set it back on the path to success. To accomplish this, I consolidated the management structure and re-defined the project scope. Then I put together a team of local creatives to work more closely with subject matter experts— thus increasing stakeholder participation and cooperation on the project’s carefully revised goals. With the project transformed into a solidly joint venture, I was able to better manage the interactions between writers, illustrators, scientists and experts, government agencies and various industry stakeholders to bring this project to its successful outcome.

Today, the Environmental Atlas of Abu Dhabi Emirate and the amazing story it tells is available to millions of people the world over.

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Marketing and Creative Director Wirz & Company Printing, Inc., Colton, CA

I first began working with the folks at Wirz & Company as Prepress Consultant, I designed and implemented a PDF workflow and CTP imaging solution to replace their previous Optical/PostScript process. Later, assisting the department manager in the hiring and training of personnel, developing quality control methods and production schedules, and managing quality control policies.

Later as Creative Director, I successfully rebranded the company's identity, communications and sales tools as part of the their strategy to adapt to a rapidly changing industry. I worked with the company's largest and most valued clients to provide premium solutions for their print projects, often traveling to and working from their locations, working independently and maintaining my other responsibilities.


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Founding Partner, Technology Director Creative Director ImageStation, 1990 to 2003, Riverside, CA

Created and built a Digital Imaging service which provided technical operations for commercial Printing companies located throughout the Inland Empire region of southern California. In addition, we operated a design studio, creating award-winning artwork for such clients as RCA/BMG Records and the State of California. In my role as COO, I was responsible for developing and maintaining technical operations for our print-company clients. As Creative Director, I was involved in concepting visual communication strategies and directing graphic production.

Creating and building ImageStation into such a successful enterprise was an important step in my evolution as a designer and will always be one of my proudest achievements. The experience allowed me to work in a very competitive creative environment with designers of truly formidable skill, for corporate consumers expecting top production value. However, by the early 2000s it became clear that print companies were developing their own digital imaging departments while top level design services were shifting to cheaper foreign markets.

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Graphic Arts Instructor California Baptist University, c.1996

During the latter part of the 1990’s, I taught popular evening classes on Graphic Design at California Baptist University (back then it was still called California Baptist College).